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We provide a holistic education management system for the benefit of governors, teachers and students.

Azido EMS is available at various tiers, from basic to advanced, and helps to administer and manage the overall secondary and tertiary schooling system. It allows governors, teachers and parents to optimise the operations of schools and colleges so they can better deliver an effective, streamlined and productive results orientated system.

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About Us

Education Professionals Working for Students and Parents

Azido EMS is available at various tiers, basic to advanced, and has a broad range of features which allows governors and teachers to effectively administer and manage the operations of the schools from data gathering, collection, evaluation, reporting and distribution to students, parents and stakeholders.

Azido EMS improves communication and utilises tools and methods which can quickly evaluate and summarise strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and suggest a way forward.

Benefits and Features

Data Collection & Evaluation. Effective Timetable Management. Student Reporting.


Interface Design

The tool has been developed so as to allow easy data communication between a variety of hardware, software and equipment.

Media Communication

Various tools and methods will be employed for inter and intra communications between students, parents and schools.

Mobile App

Mobile technology will be employed to enhance fingerprint access to student data in user friendly, easy to use tools for all stakeholders.


Data protection and online user access will be governed by the latest security software, tools and methods, thus providing quality assurance.

Management & Governance

Azido EMS improves the school administration system

Data Collection & Evaluation

Enhance gathering and processing tools and methods allows management to make better, informed decisions.

Enhanced Results & Reporting

Enhanced efficiency and productivity allows schools to provide better feedback, evaluation and service to clients.

Student & Parent Feedback

Improved qualitative and quantitaive reporting enhances results

Enhanced Student Results

Early feedback of student progress, strengths and weaknesses, allows improvement measures and steps to be employed quickly for better student performance.

Career Evaluation & Direction

Early identification of strengths and weaknesses allows students and parents to better manage, plan or amend their career direction.

Azido EMS enhances and improves the management and administration of schools and colleges.

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