Global Vision Montessori & School

Admission Open for Class 1 to 5 .

Our Mission

Our Vision


Global Vision Montessori & School (GVMS) seeks to provide for its students a global education in an encouraging and supportive


To enable young people to become productive, successful and responsible citizens of Pakistan and the world

Global Vision (Guidance & Career Counseling)

At GVMS, we help students in becoming wholesome and balanced individuals, comfortable with themselves and the world around them. To this end, Heads and teachers, with co-operation from parents, aim to resolve all issues that emerge, to create a conducive & satisfactory environment for each student at home & at school. Counseling for personal, emotional & social problems is sometimes dealt jointly by the parents & the school. When required, guidance can be provided in group form as there

may be students who have more or less similar issues, on which they can be provided counseling in a group. The referrals can also be made to professional experts(if required).